Raimo J Pollanen

Raimo J Pollanen

Helsinki - Uusimaa

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About me:

I am a Biochemist/ Microbiologist and Biotechnology Scientist, open minded, solution oriented. I want to see research results to be turned into applicable and useful commercial solutions.

Exiting career (30 years) in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Clinical and Analytical Microbiology Diagnostics


PhD University of Oulu
MSc University of Oulu
BSc Heltech Helsinki
Biofermentation and Bioprocess Technology University of Oulu Continuing education Center
Computer Systems and Programming Design University of Oulu Continuing Education center
Learning in University Biomedicum Helsinki


Biotech Consultant and Microbiologist Biotech and Biomedical Research Molecular Biology based Diagnostic methods consultant - mainly self employed Consulted and practical hands-on work in Microbiology, Virus and Bacteria Diagnostics, Diagnostic kits and equipment, consulting in bio-medical science, microbiology diagnostics, Proteomics, protein purification with FPLC, HPLC, in situ hybridization, fluorescence bio- markers, microscopy, systems biology, bioinformatics, bio-computing, clinical laboratorydiagnostic science, medical technology (10/2012-)
Microbiologist Ductor Oy Project Microbiologist - Ductor Oy Helsinki - Developed Biotechnology and Microbiology detection and typing methods in a start-up biotech company. Produced a new Microbe geno – and fenotyping systems and antibiotic resistance analysis. www.ductor.com (4/2012-9/2012)
Information Analyst City of Helsinki (Bio)informatic Analyst, City of Helsinki Finland
Worked as an Information specialist in the retrieval and information management, builded-up a customer-oriented service base. Work involved multiple information retrieval, acquisition and transmission, as well as information analysis. Enhanced information retrieval system and
customer services (12/2015-05/2016)
Senior Scientist Biomedicum Helsinki and University of Helsinki Senior Scientist – Biomedicum Helsinki Finland
Worked as a Biotechnologist Developing diagnostic and research tools and methods for scientists studying autoimmune diseases, cancer, hormone instability, bone biology and cell interactions with artificial implants and various new biomaterials. Designed many new cell biology and protein biochemistry methods experiments, supervised and lectured practical
laboratory courses, supervised PhD and MSc students and other lab trainees. http://www.biomedicum.fi/index.php?page=105&lang=2 (06/2007- 02/2011)
Forensic Biochemist Hjelt Institute at University of Helsinki Forensic Biochemist - Hjelt Institute in Department of Forensic Biology Helsinki - Worked as a Lab leader and developed analysis methods for samples from forensic autopsies, forensic toxicological determinations, DNA testing – and biochemical, biological and chemical analyses, paternity tests and clinical forensic investigations. (06/2011 – 09/2011)
Scientist and Lab Tech University of Helsinki Scientist and Lab Tech – University of Helsinki Experimental Animal Care Center - Produced, developed and acquired experimental animals for research and teaching purposes in the lab scale. Enhanced and promoted cooperation with industries and established research and payment service contracts for experimental animals. Developed professional postgraduate and continuing education in experimental science fields. Provided guidance and advice and research on issues related to the use of experimental animals. http://www.helsinki.fi/kek/KEK%20eng/index.htm (03/2011- 05/2013)
Senior Scientist Biomater Center at University of Eastern Finland Senior Scientist - Biomater Center in University of Kuopio Finland
Worked as Senior Scientist in field of Biomaterials R & D, Biomechanics and the bioactive (smart) biomaterials and coating biomaterials like diamond like coatings and nanomaterials, cartilage structural strength studies with micro-CT (orthobiologics). Web http://www.uef.fi/en/siblabs/siblabs (06/2006-05/2007)
Research Scientist AI Virtanen Biotechnology Insitute at University of Eastern Finland Biotechnology Research Scientist - A. I. Virtanen Institute (AIVI)
Worked as a Biotechnology Scientist in National Virus Vector Laboratory – Builded-up and developed Adenoviral, lentiviral and other gene therapy vectors and non-viral transposon mediated gene transfer /therapy vectors to be used for the treatment of the cardiovascular and neurological diseases. Web http://www.uef.fi/fi/aivi/virus-vector-core-facility (06/2005-
Research Scientist NASA JSC Houston TX USA Research Scientist - NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX USA
Worked as Research Scientist Designed and developed methods for tissue engineering, 3D tissue models for environmental and radiation monitoring and for cell based model systems. Used molecular cloning for reporter gene expression and proteomics vector systems, tissue and cell engineering and modeling. Role as a Scientific specialist and consultant in close collaboration with NASA engineers. http://www.nasa.gov/centers/johnson/slsd/index.html (06/2002 - 05/2005) (3 yrs)
Post Doctoral Research Fellow University of Texas HSC Houston TX USA Post Doctoral Research Fellow - University of Texas HSC UTMMG Houston TX USA - Post Doc in a group studied the role of Molecular genetics and signaling processes in the photosynthetic Rhodobacter's membrane build-up, evolution and genetic control processes. Web
https://med.uth.edu/mmg/ (8/1999 - 05/2002) (3 yrs)
Research Scientist University of Oulu Post Doctoral Research Scientist - Department of Clinical Microbiology
Post Doc in a Microbiology Lab. Developed Diagnostic methods for detection many major respiratory infections causing viruses (like RSV, Rhino, influenza etc). (09/1996 -12/1998) (1.5 yrs)

Research Scientist - Institute of Diagnostics Oulu Finland
Research Scientist, Designed, builded-up and developed detection and diagnostic methods for the Human Papilloma Virus infections (HPV). Cloning, DNA-sequencing, molecular biology, recombinant protein expression and purification systems. Senior assistant in molecular biology,
cell biology and protein biochemistry courses, supervising and lecturing and supervision of PhD and MSc students and other trainees. 08/1986 - 08/1996) (10 yrs).
Delivery Truck Driver Part time job Nord Service Ltd Helsinki Finland Commercial delivery truck driver deliver packages and other stuff in greater Helsinki area

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