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About me:

A detail-oriented professional having 2+ years of experience in C++ embedded software development, QT framework and sensor integration. Seeking to further polish technical and interpersonal skills in a diverse hi-tech environment that cultivates innovation 


Embedded Software Engineer - Rapidev (Pvt.) Ltd, Islamabad [Oct 2020 - Present]

Electronic Voting Machine Self-Test Application
An application developed in QT framework to test hardware components embedded in the Ballot Unit and Control Unit PCBs such as pushbuttons, LCD, RTCs, EEPROMs
- Developed serial communication protocol to communicate with Arduino Mega 2560 using QSerialPorts.- 
- Developed test request generation and response verification algorithms
- Automated test report generation for each test cycle
- Developed firmware for individual component tests
Key Management System (KMS) Desktop Application
An application developed in QT framework to retrieve encrypted keys from KMS hardware responsible for generating AES 256 encrypted keys and loading them in Fill Gun i.e. a USB-HID device used to load VHF
radio configurations.
- Auto device detection based on vendor ID and product ID
- Implemented serial communication protocol for communication with KMS Hardware
- Implemented USB HID protocol for communication with fill gun using hiapi library
- Developed User Management and Access Rights Management module using SQLite databases
- Automated Application Logs Generation along with Log Rotation

C++ Software Developer - Afiniti (Pvt.) Ltd, Lahore [Jul 2021 - Oct 2021]
Stream Selection Algorithm
An efficient algorithm deployed on the master application responsible to select the most prominent client among several clients in a conference call
- Algorithm development in C++ responsible for maintaining audio buffers and performing client selection based on the following factors: maximum voice energy, last selected packet energy, voice jitter, environmental noise, empty packet detection
- Conversion of modules implemented in Kotlin to C++ and Integration of Algorithm in WebRTC stack

Recording Sync Algorithm
An algorithm responsible to align the server NTP with client NTP to ensure client data alignment with respect to server and avoid data repetition/voice doubling
- Algorithm development in C++ for aligning data recording (done at 21.33 ms) and data sending (done at 40 ms) using buffer alignment techniques
- Implementing matrix manipulations to predict the client synchronized sending number and client buffer size using Eigen3 library

Embedded Software Engineer - TEO (Pvt.) Ltd, Islamabad [Jul 2019 - Jul 2021]
Smart Lockers
A smart BLE Lockers management system built in a docker container deployed on Raspberry Pi 3 B+
- Firmware developed in C++ using Gattlib library for communication with BLE Locks and azure-iot-sdk for integration of Azure IoT Hub in firmware on remote Visual Studio Code.
- Implemented control operations for acquiring/releasing a BLE Lock for normal/master user
- Generated alarm for BLE communication failure and low battery
- Synced BLE Lock states using Azure Device Twins
- Implemented systemd service to run and pull latest docker image from Azure Container Registry
- Building Azure CD Pipelines for automatic deployment of latest docker image on RPI by using self-hosted ARM agents on Microsoft Azure Devops
- Implemented firmware Log Management and parsing of json config/device twin files using Boost C++ libraries
Smart Meeting Room Devices
A smart device to manage availability of meeting rooms and track occupation of meeting rooms integrated with Outlook.
- Developed modular firmware on NodeMCU ESP8266 microcontroller for SMR devices in C++
- Interfaced Hardware peripherals (LCD Display, Relays, Adafruit LED
Ring, Buzzer)
- Implemented user flows to start, stop or extend a meeting
- Added support for communication with backend via HTTP protocol (Version 1) and MQTT protocol (Version 2) along with TLS encryption for secure communication
Face Recognition Attendance System
A desktop application-based face recognition system implemented using prebuilt deep learning algorithm.
- Implementation of face detection and face recognition and dataset training algorithms in python using OpenCV for image/video processing
- Developed self-learning ability in the system by taking user input for the accuracy of prediction
- Developed system dataset retraining scheduler Application Development for Face Recognition System using PYQT5 framework



Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering [Aug 2015 - Jun 2019]
National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Islamabad [CGPA: 3.36]

I have secured admission in Master of Science (Technology) Information Technology - Embedded Systems and received 100% tuition fee waiver scholarship from Tampere University. Furthermore, my visa process is complete and have received type A student residence permit valid from 1st August 2022 – 31st July 2024.

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