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Style of photography

I would run a poll on this one if there was such a feature in here, and especially the real life, correlating to the world of social media.

I see the photography popular in social media is usually in the scales of white-beige-black-grey and promote a visually minimalist style. Everybody knows the "hygge" images with the stage set like surroundings and environments photographed in very sharp white light.

On the other hand, I decline to this urban style of photography so many people admire and find their true inspiration from. I decline to it because I like bold colour blocking, fields of dismantled things and things breaking apart to create colour and vibes.

But I see that following the above, very stylish trend of lifestyle, design, fashion and cosmetics photography would get me an another 100K likes on Instagram. But it its not me. I like photographs of tension in light and colours.

I don't like the simple. I like the difficult.

I am not saying making the images online is simple in technique with the pre-set colour schemes and designer furniture on display to promote a healthy living or a GRWM, but I am saying there's an another 100K to match those images till you don't even know who took what photograph. Essentially it sums quite well up the essence of social media: you would want to fit in.

I like the mistakes. I like the bloopers. I don't need them to be funny like the apps where you add yourself a cat face or a floral crown, I mean I like the smudged make-up like it was when I came home, the redness of my cheeks and the dirty hair. I don't like the polished, staged and promotional surroundings - even if I give them a Follow on social media - just to see what's next.

I am torn between taking the little photography I make to the direction more popular: with the perfected life inside and outside, or to take it to rusted metals, broken machines, weird poses on football fields. In writing as a form of art this separation is easier: I either do or I don't. I have done so little serious photography I don't yet know what's my style in it.

Time will tell. Maybe the perfected images will die, get lost in the crowds making them and fashion bloggers will all remain the same until the end of time with their minimalist wardrobe - and I get to wear my thrifted sweatshirt and have my short hair messy, with the mascara running down my face - in a studio room that looks like it belonged to a personality.Style of photography

*Photographing the green lights on the ceiling of my bedroom.

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7 months ago #3

Vocational education does not and should not preclude the so-called liberal arts. But to preclude adequate educational funding for vocational arts such as plumbing, carpentry, tool and die creation, electricians, mechanics, nursing, and more, fails to provide resources to those who have an interest in those vocations and are adept at those skills and effectively cheats them and society of valuable talent and resources.

Eeva Maria al-Khazaali

Eeva Maria al-Khazaali

4 years ago #2

I most prolly would, #1.

Dean Owen

Dean Owen

4 years ago #1

I guess you need to ask yourself whether you would buy, or even just pick up a magazine with a picture of a ceiling on the cover.

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