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Spaces: working from home or working from an office?

At this point of my career I have a rare chance to work in an office in the city. Mostly, between lectures and coffee breaks, I brainstorm ideas, network on social media and organize my contacts in my free time. I also have the chance to write these kind of blog entries whilst drinking my coffee. 

For years I have applied work and worked in freelance from my home. The media is raving about the next generation employment by stats saying that in the year 2050, only 1/4 people will be working in the office or an another workplace. This is very little. This also considers that 1/4 of those people is also a pensioner, not needing to work anymore. All in all, it means that the future of work life is actually working from home.

We all see the benefits of that: free schedules to your liking, dressing in pyjama and working from the bed, late mornings and easy-going atmosphere - but to raise an eyebrow - are we actually more efficient when commuting to the office and working in a space that is shared with other people at work, bouncing ideas of from each other?

Atm I am not working on my creative writing at the office at all but no doubt I could be more productive by doing so. I actually have started to like dressing up for the cold street mornings and typing in a corporate environment that is so different than the cozy queendom my home would be. 

Working from home has so many + sides and am not complaining but I am aware of the efficiency and productiveness being measured in relation to the pressure the office can provide. When there's a long time till the next bus back home, you are forced to spend time behind the desk and at least look like you're doing something important. I have never applied more new work than working in this large office, with fellow students that are working in completely different fields, like machinery and cosmetics.

Please share Your views, experience and anything you might find relevant, be you bebeeing at home or at the work place. Please tell me about Your office look or your day watching the birds in the morning sunrise from the luxury of Your home. Please comment & find relevant!Spaces: working from home or working from an office?>Aqg ental,

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7 months ago #2

There was a study some years ago by that found that SAT scores was a much better predictor of being accepted into elite graduate programs than which college they attended. What the elite colleges have done is a nice job of PR of claiming student success while, fact is, by being allowed to select among the best students is what gives them better outcomes.

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

4 years ago #1

I work from home most of the time. Sometimes, it's nice to go to a coffee shop though for variety (there is a nice bee-themed cafe in the city I live, so I sometimes go there). Ideally, you need a room dedicated to work, otherwise it's hard to keep yourself from working too much!

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