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Poem for today: Landscape I

"You have a sense of belonging size of a human"

a scar or a bruise, the void of time black sea,

a space full of empty where the view is one

to the galaxies of the heart.

History of thousend years

in the charachters of the clouds, you

woke me up

from a long dark sleep, this

is to doubt the truth once more,

look all the skies empty.

Beyond the eye, closer

is a long journey.

The pen's ink shyes, towards language

and eternity, life

that doesn't cease, that will remain

after there's none.

The ocean looks staged

and the moonlight, the butterflies

sleep and men under the bridges.

No black emptiness opens up when

a boat swims in the ocean blue.

Eeva Maria Karhunen

Poem for today: Landscape IPoem and picture previously published.

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Jacob Cooper

Jacob Cooper

7 months ago #1

I teach Poetry in high school, it's easy if you've got motivation, on the one hand. On the other hand, it's really tough to make teenagers read poems of different genres, when they prefer only one. We started with essays on landscape poetry and they told me the class was dull, I guess they were right, cause I couldn't show them nude pics or something - that's what they like at this age. lol

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