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Made for stardom

Reaching my 30's last year, I started to think again my prospects. The current trend is that especially young people dream of stardom that comes from looks, talent, imago, business or other quality of them. Some think only a pretty face does the job.

I have reconsidered my values and views. My profession is a very public one. Being celebrized and followed by the media is essential for the (financial) survival of the author. I wouldn't want to sound so vain but being remembered isn't enough. Being known and written about is more and more important in the world of literature, believe or not.

Made for stardomSUPERSTAR

As some youngsters only dream big about taking over the world with their face, product, service or photographs of themselves, us, now older and more reasonable are equally - but secretly - screaming for attention. This might go more so on the professional life, and I too to admit, that being on the cover of a tabloid would boost my sales.

But... Not everyone are going to make it without marketing team to the top 10 of famous people. Not everybody are going to star in a movie, be followed by paparazzi and 100K of curious people. Not everybody has that X-factor, likeability or star quality. Even if I am very good at what I do without a manager, social media professionals and a team making me a Somebody I have no chance to cover that tabloid or discuss my daily life on a television talk show.

The trend is somewhat a worrying one. Teens, late teens and young adults even with no need for fame and fortune are seeking this things over happiness in life. The amount of likes you get on Instagram can define if you are going to have a good day or not. It doesn't define if you lead a happy life or a remarkable, memorable life either - but so do the young seem to think right now. And when it comes to trends, first they find the youth and then the adults follow.

I am not only writing this from the perspective of a fortune seeker but also from my livelyhood and living profession every day. I am writing this because Andy Warhol predicted that everybody will be famous in the future for the 15 minutes. I am writing this because I feel the pressure to become a celebrity to survive on my career path.

I am writing this in agony and despair over the matter. I am writing this because I am not in the cover of national ELLE and haven't been on TV. I am writing this thinking that I should be in the yellow press and people should be asking for my time, effort and my skills. There should be a growing demand on what I do but not only what I do rather than Who I Am. I should be promoting my new name label fragnance called "Eeva Maria" and be walking for Dior to be taken seriously. I should be so much more than I am.

That's the thing. But in my age. not rising into any kind of teenage stardom, like most of the young won't do, not starring in a reality television show or being superstar famous around the world, I feel the ongoing demand from the creative industry to find an another celeb in you, me, everyone. This is not reality. This is a nightmare.

Drop me a line to tell me about your #feelz, peeps. 

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Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Global Brand Ambassador

This star is natural, I feel it

Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Global Brand Ambassador

you are already a star, Eeva Maria al-Khazaali you will see it bee reflected more and more in all aspects of your life.

Devesh 🐝 Bhatt

Devesh 🐝 Bhatt

4 years ago #1

If everyone wants to be a celebrity and you want to be in the thick of things.. become a celebrity maker, the one all wannabes run to. If you believe this to be a lousy trend where people foregone happiness, then instantly quit and look for a different purpose that doesn't make you feel conflicted or suppressed . although I believe happiness to be a state, not a purpose.

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