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Goodbye 2018!

Goodbye 2018!LOX ANE


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Rediscover your Top Nine Instagram
moments from 2018. Share them with your
friends using the hashtag #TopNine2018 .2018, oh 2018. Soon we are living in the new 20's, and it is time to say goodbye to the last year. 

The greatest thing that happened to my career last year was the publishing of my second poetry collection. It is soon to be out and available also in English, but till then, I just hope all Finnish speaking readers will find it, read it and maybe even review it. 

In my own words, THAT I WOULD DREAM ABOUT IT, is a poetry book which in every page I could scribble down a name to whom the poem is dedicated for. Instead, I'd like to think, that an every reading you can find themselves being directly spoken to on those pages. 

Although the book itself is marketed in terms of being in love, writing about it, thinking about the lover and waking up to them, I'd like to think the book is also my story about growing up and becoming an artist. It is a love story really about an artist falling in love with art, and vice versa.

Publishing the book has meant so much to me. It took me almost a decade to come back with a book. For the next one, a novel I am working on, it should not take all that time. This book even had a proper launching party with champagne in a bookstore in the capital, Helsinki.

I've performed many of the book's poems to differing audiences. Every time I read the line, originally written in English, "I like milk and cigarettes", I pause for a little - and sing t. 

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