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Girls who help girls

Girls who help girls

Couple of weeks ago I met a wonderful person. She is a talented photographer and new to the creative industries, yet already running her own business. I wanted to share the kind of tips and advise my decade old career in art life has given me.

* Join LinkedIn – or any other suitable career website. The connections there are unexpected yet you can easily track who are you in contact with. Basically it’s no nonsense there and you can boost your business in unexpected ways.

* Find a mentor. Find someone who can chat through your career of choice over a cup of coffee, even if it’s just once. My mentor told me that writers & photographers would need to pair up and work together on pitching and making articles. Sounds fab!

* Instagram the s*it out of Instagram. Use the platform to promote your portfolio of work. Sponsored content might even help you to get the attention you need. I won’t recommend any to buy bot followers but if you do, do it with caution and understand it is only a gimmick.

* If you go and travel, take your equipment with. You’ll never know if there’s a chance to photograph your best shot, give your raddest open mic performance or sing in the street corner, whatever it is you feel like doing. Before you travel, find out online what are the possibilities and opportunities in your destination – and even if you can make plans with event organisers and so on.

* Approach people and connect. This the key to a succesful business. You need to fearless and go with class to the people who you think you might share something in common with. You can pitch, collaborate and get inspired just by following on social media or talking to new people over lunch.

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Bridget Bowers

Bridget Bowers

7 months ago #3

Just watched a TED video >> Deepa Narayan: 7 beliefs that can silence women. So one of the beliefs is that women are taught not to trust other women. And so we do not. That's the main problem of all girs who are budding writers or poets.

Eeva Maria al-Khazaali

Eeva Maria al-Khazaali

2 years ago #2


Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador


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