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Career in creative industry?

Career in creative industry?

Choosing your profession should be a priority already when you graduate high school. You should have your career mapped out often even before that, focusing your grades and your subject choices (we have a lot of options in the Finnish education system, namely in high school) on what you are going to be doing when you grow up.

In the changing day and age we have to be prepared to change our profession, re-educate ourselves and work in short term conditions, also as freelance. No matter if you have a lifelong dream to become something specific – you have to take in account that you might not be able to work on that full-time, all your life and get your pension check from that in the end of your working life.

It is a fact that you have to consider more than one option. It is okay to focus on that one preferred choice in the beginning but the companies require now days people with multiple talents, skills and interests. People with one cause only might make it if they are professors or doctors but I have seen personally even a phd consider going back to school in order to get employed faster.

Obviously, you know by now, my choice was to become an artist.

My choice led me to apply with high grades from high school to polytechnics and universities all around. I applied to film documentary school, directing theater, fine arts, literature research and to a media program which none I got accepted into. This broke me down to pieces for a while, took me learning creative writing in College of Arts Orivesi and finally flew me to UK (which I will be posting more later on).

This I have often drummed around: I won’t recommend it to anybody but am willing to help everybody who are facing this choice or have already started their careers in the creative industry and culture field. I know I am not a real mentor or a sparring partner but I have seen so many young people lost with their future careers I would love to help if I could. I believe I could help with feedback, encouragement and even already some network contacts. Few people I already have offered my help for free – and the results will be seen in the future. I hope I have managed to assist these people on their path.

If you think that you would benefit from an art management/mentoring session with me (for free), hit me up a line and I will try to make some time to chat with you or even have a video call!

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How about a society of hard-working, curious, goal-oriented, can-do achievers? That's what students really are. Who do you think is going to cure cancer or invent the technology to combat climate change?

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