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A movie: social media show: offline for post-production

A movie: social media show: offline for post-production

The above image is from the poster, now spelled OFFLINE to inform everybody what is going on.

With these feelings and having rung the New Year, we are in post production with my movie project. My movie - our movie - in fact, is a full-length indie drama about a woman who falls in love with a married man. If you are interested in hearing more about the making off, I'd suggest you run for cover and bundle up for reading a piece I wrote to Athenasphere a while back.

At this time, delayed from our schedules, due to unforeseen or unlikely events, we are taking down all social media photo accounts promoting the movie, meaning our Facebook page and Instagram profile will go to a hiatus. It is not in my personal power to speed up the post prod. so I feel it is best to set the film fans and supporters free - and let them - you - actually, return once we have more to show.

We are keeping the movie teaser in all it's quietness in Vimeo though, if you would like to view on our visions about how artsy the film will actually look.

5920b879.jpgLiving the last days of our social media following online for now, I have noted the producers and all collaborating partners about my decision as a debut filmmaker. I feel it is the best way to promote our movie to go out with a bang, and return more organized, interactive, vivid and even color coordinated to our accounts. I have marketed the post on Instagram just to make sure everybody is on the same page with us - and will understand our choice here to go and take a healthy break.


 If you were us, filmmakers, cinema professionals, film distributors, anybody involved with production of a real movie, what would be your opinion about our social media show? How does our announcement make you feel? 


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Sarah Baum

Sarah Baum

3 months ago #1

Working on a college movie teaser, I've done a lot of editing on custom editor's page for official college students. It was fun. But I do have other college projects to keep up a top rating in my class.